What Halloween Candy Is Better Than Others?


To many people, especially kids, Halloween means one thing: candy. Although to many others, including their parents, it also means cavities. These cavities often develop from the extensive amount of candy consumed following Halloween night and can leave individuals in need of dental services. Although, if you know which candies are better than others, you can work to keep your mouth healthy while also enjoying some of the tasty holiday fun. Unlike healthy foods, sugary foods leave a weak acid in your mouth once consumed. Although this acid can often be attributed to the development of cavities, professionals say that you can avoid these issues by making sure you brush and floss several times a day as well as stay away from the bad Halloween candy that proves to be more problematic.

Sticky and Gummy Candy

Some of the worst candies for your mouth in terms of keeping it healthy are sticky and gummy candies. The reason for this is due to the fact that the candy is more difficult to get off of your teeth and therefore it spends more time allowing bacteria that causes cavities to work its magic. These types of candies, as well as any sort of popcorn treat, can also become lodged in between teeth requiring individuals to have floss easily accessible in order to counteract this from happening.     

Hard and Sour Candy

In addition to the sticky treats, hard candy and sour candy both possess several traits that make them a bad choice for anyone looking to maintain optimal oral health. Anything that causes you to make “that sour face” is more than likely something to pass on as sour candies are more often than not coated in sugary coatings and contain high levels of acid which can work towards damaging the harder part on the outside of your teeth.


If you are going to indulge in the holiday festivities and enjoy some candy, the best kind to enjoy is some made of chocolate. Although still not a heathy option, chocolate is the best option of all as it can be easily brushed off of the teeth. There are also many types of chocolate to choose from including dark chocolate which contains less sugar than other types and therefore is the healthiest choice of all.

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